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Grandin Market

Patchwork Farm

Patchwork Farm

Copper Hill, Virginia

patchworkWe are in our fifth season of growing our farm, family and homestead as we tap into the rich tradition of agriculture in our area. Our commitment to growing food and caring for our patch of ground is based on diversity, health and sharing. Each season brings us closer to realizing our goal of providing fresh, delicious vegetables to our community year round. As we build season extension infrastructure and skills, our connection to the community strengthens too. We are constantly renewed by the thought of being a part of a larger movement of sustainable agriculture and cultural nourishment.

(This listing was last updated on May 28, 2014)

216 Conner ln Se
Copper Hill, VA 24079
Floyd County
United StatesMailing Address:
216 Conner Ln Se
Copper Hill, VA 24079
United States


  • Producer: Amy & Bryan Willoughby
  • Copper Hill, Virginia 24079



Catawba Meadow Farm

Catawba Meadow Farm

Betty Bailey
P.O. Box 202, Catawba VA 24070

Our fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and flowers are grown using organic and sustainable farming practices on our farm in the beautiful Catawba Valley in Roanoke County. The farm has been in the family for generations.


We sell fresh local flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and more, all produced by a rare wondrous mixture of soil, seed, labor, and love at our 2 markets April to October, Grandin Village Community Market Saturday mornings & Catawba Thursday afternoons


Bramble Hollow Farm

Bramble HollowBramble Hollow Farm is a family-owned farm producing pastured poultry, pastured and forest-fed pork and free-range eggs. The farm specializes in raising heritage breed chickens, turkeys, pigs and cattle. All of our animals are raised on pasture and forest paddocks and the chickens, turkeys and pigs are supplemented with a locally-milled non-GMO feed. We process chickens on-farm several times each year and produce Cornish Cross, Freedom Ranger and Heritage Breed broilers. Heritage breed Tamworth pork is available by the cut or in bulk. We also offer a Meat CSA share. Please find us at the Grandin Village Community Market on the first Saturday of each month. Bramble Hollow Farm Contact:

 Brent and Anna Wills

Bramble Hollow Farm, 2108 Hutchens Road,

 Montvale, Virginia 24122

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