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Promoting the production of local foods in the Roanoke Valley.


Brambleberry Farm

At Brambleberry Farm we raise beef and small dairy cows and goats and sell “on the hoof” (live). We also sell eggs and seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs. You can arrange to purchase at the farm or at the Botetourt Farmers’ Market.

Donna Janeczko
309 Pond Rd.
Fincastle, VA 24090


Journey’s End Farm

Journey's EndJourney’s End Farm uses sustainable methods by regularly composting and rotating crops and pastures. Our poultry is free range with no chemicals or antibiotics used and very little processed grains. We currently sell at the Troutville Farmers Market and you can find us there most Saturdays.We are a small sustainable farm that produces natural forage eggs, processed poultry, produce, goats (both breeding stock and for meat), rabbits (for pets or meat), ducks (for pets or meat) and horse boarding.

Journeys End Farm
Contact: Donna Etzler
1246 Blue Ridge Turnpike
Fincastle, VA 24090
Phone: 540-598-6322
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