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  1. Hello All,

    Thanks for all the interest. I thought I would send out a note regarding questions many of you have, sorry I didn’t include this in the first draft.

    -All the meat is USDA stamped, cryovac’d and flash frozen to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It will keep up to a year in your freezer, although it will get eaten well before a week comes to pass, I do believe. The beef is dry aged 42 days before it is packed, giving you truly some of the most generously handled meat available anywhere.

    -We are the very definition of a “family farm”, this is my profession, I do nothing else. My children often do rather more than they would like some summer days, on the whole they love it. We do not receive subsidies of any kind, if a crop fails or animals falter we suffer the loss. The price of the food reflects the price of production.

    -You will receive between 7.5 to 11 pounds of product each delivery, depending on what is available. Some cuts of meat are more expensive than others hence the fluctuation. I want everyone who buys from me to enjoy their experience and feel they are treated fairly. If you buy cattle shares from most farms you will be quoted a price per pound on the hanging weight of the animal. I find this to be confusing and misleading. $3.50/lb hanging weight will turn quickly to $6 or $8/lb after the animal is trimmed. Then you would be obliged to pay for the cutting, packing and delivery of the meat. I have no hidden costs and everything you get will easily fit into your freezer and meat drawer. We will deliver to a central location (that is refrigerated) in Salem and Blacksburg.

    -Some larger families may find they would like to get more than $100 per month, this is fine, we can accommodate your needs.

    -The beef are processed in Giles County, the poultry and some pigs are done in South Carolina (the is the closest humane facility for poultry) and the rest of the pigs are done in Galax and Harrisonburg. All of our processors are certified humane, as is our farm. We are transparent, come by and take a look anytime, heck, bring the kids.

    -We have enough available this fall to take on a number of families, if you know someone who might be interested please pass along our information

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