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Meat, Eggs, Fish and Dairy

Meat, Eggs, Fish and Dairy

Good Food Good People


Good Food Good People


All in information for Good Food Good People is embedded below. The link to their yummy 2106  Community Supported Agriculture Options is linked here:

Yummy CSA Stuff


Wytheville Farmer’s Market

wythevilleWytheville Farmer’s Market


The Wytheville Farmers Market has a two-fold mission:  1) Our primary mission is to offer the local residents of Southwestern Virginia with a credible and safe place to purchase locally produced fresh foods at affordable prices. 2) The secondary mission of the Wytheville Farmers Market is to provide local farmers, gardeners, food producers, and artisans with an opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals to share their individual knowledge and expertise, give back to the community, and provide a profitable place for local harvests to be sold in a casual yet professional manner.

Contact Person: Jen Otey

Address: 570 E. Spring St.

City: Wytheville,

Phone Number: 2766200303

Months of Operation

Answer: May – October

Hours of Operation

Answer: Saturdays, 9am – 1pm


Contact or Business email:


Our Father’s Farm

 OurFathersFarmOur Father’s Farm


At Our Father’s Farm, we first strive to raise faithful, responsible and mature young people, who will be useful for their master’s service.   After being in Africa for 7 years we saw that the farm was a great place to do this.  Our Father’s Farm animals are raised naturally, on lush grass pasture ensuring the healthiest, best tasting food around.  We subscribe to natural old time farming techniques that cultures have used for generations around the world.  We don’t use hormones, animal by-products, synthetic chemicals, or antibiotics.   All of our products at Our Father’s Farm are hormone and antibiotic and chemical free.  We raise the animals naturally, giving them an environment which allows them to live the way they were created to live and grow.  Please drop in and visit us.


Contact Person:Jack Fuhrmann

Address: 2664 Deer View Rd.

City: Gretna, VA/24557

Phone Number: 434-656-1188

Months of Operation:  Year round with delivery to Roanoke and West Lake on Fridays.

Hours of Operation On Farm Wednesday and Saturday, sunrise to sunset.

Roanoke & West Lake Friday delivery.

What is your business’s website:

Contact or Business email:


Waterbear Mountain Organic Farm


Waterbear Organic Farm


Waterbear Mountain Farm


WaterBear Farm Operates a serve yourself, choose your own veggies, buffet style CSA. Members sign up in spring to receive 26 weeks of fresh picked veggies.



Contact Person: Richard Ursomarso

Address: 477 rain dance rd ne

City:  Floyd

State/Zip Code: a. 24091

Phone Number:  540 577 9178

Months of Operation:  may 1st thru dec 15th

Hours of Operation



Contact or Business email: nswer:

Answer: We use Bio Dynamic Practices, Grass Fed, Antibiotic free, Grown without pesticides, Certified Organic

Ferguson Farm

Ferguson Farm


In operation for over 60 years, currently selling at Roanoke City Market and West End Market in Roanoke.

Contact Person

Answer: Kristin Peckman

Answer: 540-366-7780

County: Franklin

Months of Operation:  year-round

Hours of Operation:: variable

Contact or Business email:

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Answer: Priority:  vegetables, Vegetables, Eggs


Agricultural Practices

Answer: Grown without pesticides

Rube Mountain Farm


Rube Mountain Farm is a small family farm currently specializing in heritage breed pork, specifically Red Wattle hogs
This farm suffered a fire in November  and lost  a good deal of their business.  You can help them get back on their feet here:

Four Corners Farm

Four Corners Farm


Family Friendly Farm


We are a community focused, family friendly farm that practices sustainable agriculture, raising pastured animals, supplying clean food for our local area.


We are a family friendly farm located 20 minutes outside of Roanoke, VA. We look forward to meeting like minded individuals and families who seek to eat local, fresh, and real food!

Location 404 Old Mill Creek Ln, Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151

Hours Fri – Sat9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Products We currently have fresh eggs and pastured poultry broilers. See pricing

Contact Info

Phone (540) 334-1044




The Swinging Bridge Restaurant

The Swinging Bridge Restaurant

After a long and arduous journey, we are proud to welcome you to The Swinging Bridge Restaurant, where you’ll find “old-time, Southern, stick-to-your-ribs good cookin’ with a hillbilly gourmet flare.” We offer a unique dining experience in a cozy setting, with décor that reflects the beauty and splendor of nature, brought indoors. Sit down, relax, and have something good to eat!

Warning – be prepared to “Slap your Mama ’cause she don’t cook like this no more”…that’s how strongly we feel (and we think you’ll agree) about our country-style, homemade meals. [Menu]

Reservations for 8 or more can be made by calling ahead — 540-897-5099. Larger parties: certain restrictions apply, call for information.

Our menu features a variety of buffalo dishes. We now offer BBQ from Thursday through Sunday, prepared on our “locomotive smoker”.

Most Thursday nights – come on over, cozy up to the fire and listen to some great bluegrass music, played by local musicians. After your meal, go upstairs and stroll across our real swinging bridge and check out our wildlife display and visit the Paint Bank General Store & Gift Shop.


Ikenberry Orchards

Ikenberry Orchards


General Information
Ikenberry Orchards is a family owned and operated business. We have been fruit growers in Botetourt County for 100 years and hope to continue to serve you for years to come!Spring- We have a greenhouse fully stocked with annuals, perinnals, hanging baskets and a variety of unusual planters. We will custom plant in containers for you! Open April, May and June. Mums are available in the fall. Farmer’s Market every saturday!Summer- This is the time to visit for fresh fruits and vegetables! We have the most delicious peaches, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers and white sweet corn that keeps you coming back for more! Summer cooking apples are here! Farmer’s Market every saturday!Fall- Apples are ripe and frost is on the pumpkins. All of our fall apples are harvested in September and October. Come choose your pumpkins, gourds, decorative corn, apple butter, preserves, jellies and honey. Country hams, nut and candies are here for your enjoyment. Also, this is when our corn maze is up and running! Farmer’s Market until end October through Early November.

Holidays- Christmas trees, wreaths and greenery roping are available the end of November through the 23rd of December.

Open all year!!!

Flatwoods Farm


Providing farm fresh, free range, pasture fed eggs to our customers. We also raise whole roaster chickens that taste better than any store bought chicken!

We pride ourselves on farm fresh, free range, pasture raised eggs with a delectable orange yolk full of flavor. We also produce whole roaster chickens as well as boneless, skinless breasts. They are all raised and processed on our farm. Our chickens taste better than any roaster bought in the store!

General Information:

Eggs are $4/dozen or $5/18ct
Chickens are $20 for whole roasters and $5/lb for breasts

  • 1837 W Wind Rd
  • Fincastle, Virginia 24090
Phone (540) 473-1781


Mountain Meadows Farm

Mountain Meadows Farm

Met these folks from  Williamsburg, West Virginia at the Farm to Table Market at Greenbrier Nurseries.   Here’s a bit of what they brought:

Mountain Meadows Fare



Mountain Meadows Farm produces high quality grass-fed lamb raised on mountain pastures in Greenbrier County WV.

Mountain Meadows Farm started in 1982

John Stroud and his wife Liz Daigle live on the 77 acre property outside of Williamsburg West Virginia. The farm is home to 40 breeding ewes, two rams , retired guard donkey Jack, two Great Pyrenees Charles the third and Dopey, a Border Collie named Kate and Mittens the barn cat!

Our meat is high quality grass-fed product. The lambs are born here on the farm and raised solely on grass or hay until slaughter. We have several large pastures that the sheep rotate though during the summer and in the winter we feed hay from our barn.

Our sheep are hormone free. we do worm them with Ivomec and other wormers. In case of sickness the animal is given proper treatment to recover however they will not be butchered and sold by us.

We breed North Country Cheviot with some Suffolk crosses. These sheep are hardy and do well on the steep hillsides. The breed comes from Scotland. The Scots crossed highland sheep with English Cheviots to product North Country Cheviots. The wool produced can be used for spinning, weaving, knitting etc. it also makes darling Christmas ornaments!

Basic Info

Started 1982

Location 699 Nolen Lane, Williamsburg, West Virginia 24991

Contact Info

Phone (304) 645-7169



Life Events









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Old Millstone Farm, LLC


Owners: Bryan and Lynette (Nolley) Vest, We are a family owned and operated farm currently selling beef and pork. Our animals are raised in a natural setting and are free from additional hormones or antibiotics.


Old Millstone Farm is a family owned and operated farm since 1999. Being natives of Floyd County and farm- raised ourselves; we understand the commitment and hard work needed to produce a great product. We strive to provide customers with great tasting beef and pork that have been raised in a natural setting. Our beef and pork are free from additional hormones and antibiotics.

Our beef’s diet consists of pasture, grass and alfalfa hay, and limited grain. They are finished on approximately 5lbs. of grain per day, 45 days prior to slaughter. This gives the meat a good “marbling effect”, helping to enhance the flavor.

Our hogs roam freely on pasture and woodland. They are fed a grain ration (this gives them their needed minerals) and shelled corn (grown on the farm). Our meat is USDA certified and packaged by Russell Meat Packing in Castlewood, VA.

We feed both our cattle and hogs grain from Performance Livestock and Feed Co., Inc. These products are all natural plant protein based feeds. The feed does not contain any animal bi-products, hormones, additives, or antibiotics. They only use all natural vitamins and minerals in their custom feeds.

We accept orders via email and phone.

**All Prices are Subject to Change
**Prices effective January 1, 2013

Phone(540) 250-0465



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Bent Castle Farm


We’re a new farm located in Bent Mountain, VA and serving the Southwest Virginia area. Our focus is on happy animals, raised in a natural, pastured setting and supplemented with quality minerals and non-GMO food.

We’re currently raising laying hens for delicious, pastured eggs fresh from the farm and Cotswold sheep for the best lamb you’ve ever tasted. COMING SOON: Pastured rabbit!  Come see us at the Floyd Farmer’s Market and the Grandin Farmer’s Market in Roanoke — check our Facebook page for where we’ll be each Saturday.

Here they are on Facebook:


9895 Greenhouse Road, Bent Mountain, Virginia 24059

Riven Rock Farm

Riven Rock Farm is located in beautiful Highland County, Virginia.  We strive to offer a place where the wild meets agriculture, a place where healthy ecosystems and biodiversity are priorities over monocultures and dollars. 

Our mission at Riven Rock Farm is to develop and nurture a holistic, sustainable mountain farm- and to share our products, services and experiences with like-minded people.

We raise purebred, heritage breed, Galloway beef cattle (Belted and Solid colors), Katahdin Hair Sheep, and free range laying hens.  Our heritage breed Galloway beef and Katahdin lamb are delicious, healthy and 100% Grass Fed products.

belted galloways

Riven Rock is comprised of 600 acres of hardwood forests, mountain meadows, and high sweeping pastures. The

old celtic word “Riven” means- to split or shatter- and we certainly have our share of split rock formations, cliffs and caves here in our forests and ridges.

Located at close to 3,000 feet in elevation, our summer temperatures are a refreshing change from the “lowlands”. Come visit us and refresh your spirit.  Enjoy the farm and the surrounding highlands of Virginia.

Farm Address:

Riven Rock Farm
890 Halterman Hollow Lane
Monterey, VA 24465


Recent Press concerning Riven Rocks Herd:

The Belted Galloway Herd

Page 2 concerning the herd

Animal Welfare Designation

Eco Friendly Foods

Eco Friendly Foods is a small meat processing plant in Moneta, Va. We work with a co-op of about 40 local producers to bring certified humane, pasture pure, grass fed meat to individuals, markets and restaurants local and in DC and NY. We believe and promote “from the pasture to the plate”

Misty Little
Office Manager
3397 Stony Fork Rd
MonetaVA 24121


Tendergrass Farm

Tendergrass FarmTender Grass Farm is an online grass fed meats shop. We ship our products to you, conveniently packed on dry ice.




At the core of the Tender Grass Farm identity is our vision of sustaining local grass-fed family farmers by serving as a channel for their superior quality grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, pastured pork, pastured chicken and pastured turkey to find its way to committed pastured meat fans like yourself. serves as a way for our customers to support a number of small family farms in our region.

Our local grass fed partner farmers raise their animals in a 100% pasture-based environment according to our strict grass fed production standards here on the beautiful hills and pastures of rural Virginia. By implementing rigorous grass fed standards we are able to offer naturally raised meats of distinction that are truly unparalleled in terms of animal husbandry and welfare, culinary refinement and flavor, as well as purity and wholesomeness. By purchasing products from Tender Grass Farm you are supporting a growing number of small grass fed family farms in rural Virginia that might not otherwise have a market for the meats they so proudly produce.

As Christians, we work for the glory of God and strive to serve both our customers and our partner farmers with consistency and integrity that can be counted on. Thanks for taking a moment to see what we’re all about. Please feel free to call us anytime at 1-800-929-1785 if you’d like any more information about what we do here at Tender Grass Farm and whywe do it.


David Maren, General Manager
800.929.1785 x 101
3263 Floyd Hwy N., Floyd, VA 24091

Brush Creek Aquaponics

Brush Creek AquaponicsAntibiotic-free pasture-raised duck eggs, produced by Rover the Duck and her happy, healthy sisters in Riner, VA. Find our duck eggs, soaps, cards, bookmarks, button badges, and other fun and soothing items at the Shawsville Farmers’ Market, or contact us directly.

Contact Person
Answer: Sandy and Ralph Birkenmaier
P.O Box 73
Pilot, VA/24138

Phone Number
Answer: 540-381-1856

Months of Operation

Answer: Year Round

Hours of Operation
Answer: by appointment

Contact or Business email?

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op

Roanoke Natural Foods Coop


Since ’75, Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op has provided our community with nutritious food choices and earth-friendly products. Operating from cooperative principles, we support sustainable environmental practices, local organic farmers and local economy.


Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op serves the Roanoke Valley from two retail locations. 1319 Grandin Road, open 8am-9pm every day & 1 Market Square, SE, open Sundays and Mondays from 10am-7pm and Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9am-7pm.

Our farm, Heritage Point Urban Farm, is the largest contiguous urban farm in the United States. Visit the farm at

  • 1319 Grandin Rd SW
  • Roanoke, Virginia 24015




West End Community Market

West End Market

The West End Community Market is open Tuesdays from 3-6 year-round, rain or shine.

The West End Community Market supports local, sustainable agriculture by connecting the public with local farmers and food producers. The West End Market accepts and doubles SNAP-EBT benefits.

Currently the West End Community Market is comprised of 7 farmers and food producers featuring certified and non-certified organic veggies, fruit, herbs, seasonal seedlings, cheese, pasture raised/grass-fed chicken, beef, and pork, locally roasted coffee, artisan homemade breads, muffins, baked goods, and other hot-prepared foods. Free cooking demonstrations every Tuesday all summer long!

All of our markets feature 100% locally produced products with an emphasis on organic, sustainable, and humane producers, products, and practices.   All products sold at our markets are produced within 100 miles of our market locations.  We make two exceptions to this rule:  we allow regional seafood from Virginia and North Carolina waters (only if the vendor is local) and coffee (only if the roaster is local).

Contact: Sam Lev

 Address: 1210 Patterson Ave (covered pavilion behind Freedom First Credit Union).


phone: 540.632.1360


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