Crow’s Nest Berry Farm

We provide pesticide-free berries as we strive to farm environmentally responsibly. We use sustainable farming methods including no-till and encourage beneficial insect bio-diversity. We work to keep our picking rows weed-free and attractive for our customers. We have been in the U-Pick berries business for over 39 years here at our farm in Montgomery County.

U-Pick Summer-long Berries, including blueberries, thornless blackberries, late summer red and golden raspberries. Our blueberry season begins last week of June usually, and runs into August. Blackberry picking begins around the first of August and runs into Sept., and our late summer primocane high-flavor red raspberries begin picking about August 5th or so and pick until end of Sept. Our sweet, large golden raspberries begin picking about mid-August and pick until the end of September. All picking and take-home master boxes are provided. Children are welcome picking with parents or guardians. No dogs or other pets due to food safety concerns and regulations. Portable toilet with hand-washing facility is provided. We recommend you bring your own drinking water. Recycling trash containers are provided. No credit card transactions, we accept cash or good checks!

Hours of Operation

June – October


We are in the Prices Fork community 5 miles from Blacksburg. From the US Rt. 460 By-Pass, take the second Prices Fork Exit going away f rom Blacksburg, Route 685, out past Hethwood area, about 3 miles on your right you will pass M & M Tire Company. Then proceed one-half mile to Prices Fork community, turn right onto Rt. 654, Brooksfield Road, drive one-half mile, pass the Crows Nest Greenhouses on your left, drive around the corner and watch for our berry picking signs directing you to our parking field. After parking walk downhill to our check-in station, the large white bread-truck van with the large sign on it: Crows Nest Berries. Containers, picking directions and other information is there for you by our welcoming host eager to greet you!


Address: 1859 Brooksfield Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060

Phone: (540) 552 – 4195


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